3 Year Anniversary of the Nute Needle

3 Year Anniversary of the Nute Needle

Nute Tools would like to express our gratitude to all of our customers and supporters, past and present. Thank you for a great 3 years and more to come. Whether you have just joined us or have been there since day one, we appreciate you! We truly couldn’t have done it without you all. The feedback you have given us on your grow methods has allowed us to continue to grow and improve our product offerings. The industry has certainly come a long way from growing cannabis in closets and we want to keep making products that are relevant to the new age of home-growing!
More than just another hydroponics nutrient syringe


Not only have our products grown, but The Nute Needle has as well. Nute was founded by two gardeners who were tired of spilling nutrients on the floor and down the sides of bottles. As any soil or hydro person knows, nutes can STAIN. We found it critical to find a solution to the problem that other growers had while pouring and pumping bulky bottles of nutrients into measuring cups. When it came to over-pouring and spilling, we said enough was enough.

The Ultimate Nutrient Measuring Tool

Both new and seasoned growers would tell us that they were tired of eyeballing their measurements and cleaning up spills. Their options were few and most had to constantly reuse cheap plastic syringes or come up with creative homemade temporary solutions. All searched in vain to try and find a product out there that was both good quality and could measure accurately, while also eliminating any spill.
Your nutrients deserve to be treated with careWe noticed that there was nothing on the market that could stand the test of time in a hydroponics setup. Our focus was the need for something that would be resistant to corrosion, could handle general wear and tear, and was easy to clean by hand or efficiently in the washing machine. We took durable polycarbonate plastic to use for a base and added a stainless steel, chrome plated high quality steel tip to create the Nute Needle.
The Nute Needle is specially designed to reach the bottom of all nutrient bottles on the market. With its 14 Inch steel tip, you can accurately measure quantities up to 100mL at a time. Composed of high-quality materials, this product feels good in your hands and will stand the test of time. We back our product with a 100% warranty. If anything happens to your Nute Needle within a year of purchase, contact us, and another will be sent to you. Many growers have used them for over 2 years and continue to do so with confidence.


The Nute Needle is Perfect for all Growing Setups

Our Needle was designed to be the perfect nutrient syringe and help all home growers, regardless of whether outdoors or indoors, hydro or soil. It has been an amazing part of the journey for us to see all the other uses our customers found for it. Did you know that the steel needle can be used as an excellent stirring rod? Did you ever think of an easier way to water individual, small container seedlings / saplings? Nute Needle has got your back! One of our customers sent us a video of him using the needle to reach back and easily measure his seedlings, allowing for greater accuracy and even distribution. We are constantly hearing about other use cases, and love to get feedback on our products while striving to improve and provide the best possible service that we can to our customers.

We continue to be inspired by our customers to improve and innovate our product and are excited to see the growth in our company each year in this thriving market. To everyone out there, happy growing and thanks for all your support!

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