The First Universal Tent Tool Board

Our Newest Product - The Nute Tool Board

Has this ever happened to you? You come into your tent and can’t find the right tools you are looking for. Maybe you need a pH Meter this second, but you don’t know where it is. Your Nute Needle has gone missing, or your trimmers are upstairs or in the bathroom.. (we’re not judging).

Organization is key when maintaining plants and keeping a clean environment. Growers have a tough time doing this especially after partaking in everyone’s favorite activity. Can’t find your glasses? Lost your TDS pen? Guess you’ll just check next time. Hope your plants don't get burnt this feed! We felt that we could provide a solution to this problem, so we designed a product that will allow you to keep all your tools in one place, a product that will help organize and prevent loss. 

We saw that there were other pegboards out there, but nothing that was compatible with every grow tent on the market. We wanted to create something that wasn’t just tent brand specific. In our eyes we wanted a product that could be used by anyone, with any set up. So with that in mind, we designed our tool board in a way that makes it compatible with any type of grow tent, and at a lower price point to anything on the market. 

Another thing we found was that oscillating fans are always an issue in grow tents. They either sit there in the corner of tents without oscillating, or they literally catch on fire (certain brand oscillating tent fans are notorious for this). There are specialized mini grow tent fans that do oscillate and connect to the corners of tents, but they are pricey. We designed the Nute Tool Board to be strong enough to support the attachment of a normal fan as well as any other tools you might need to put on it. The board is also strong enough to support bulky Ballasts, allowing you to keep them organized and lined up for any needed maintenance or inspection. 

Struggling to find a place to hang your Digital displays / hygrometers? Since our board is metal, this allows the user to adhere magnets to any surface so that you can stick those tools right onto our Tool Board. Also makes it a pretty stylish place to decorate with anything you pick up from conventions and shops. We even have a little Nute Magnet we send along with the board! 

At Nute, we always say that we don’t want to tell you how to grow, but we want to be there with you as you do it. All our products are designed to work in any type of grow operation, Soil to Hydro! We feel that this tool board will be a strong organizational force for Growers everywhere! Let us know your feedback or anything you think of, we love to hear from you and we love to learn! 

The Nute Team 

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