Do you use liquid nutrients for your garden? We have just the product for you to add to your setup. The Nute Needle is a two component measuring syringe designed for measuring liquid nutrients and liquid fertilizers.


Given how popular liquid nutrients are for feeding cannabis plants, countless bottle shapes and sizes have flooded the market. The funny part is, none of these were designed for ergonomic pouring or accurately measuring! One overmeasurement can potentially burn your plant and hinder its growth for the duration of its life. With this being said, you don't want to be eyeballing your volume measurements while pouring these bottles. That's where the Nute Needle comes in. The 14 inch stainless steel needle is perfect for dipping directly into any nutrient bottle on the market, and drawing exactly the amount you need. It is long enough to reach the bottom of any bottle on the market without needing to tip it awkwardly. This means you'll no longer spill expensive nutrients, nor over/under measure these nutrients during plant feedings.


The needle measures 1/4 inch in diameter, which ensures that your product will stand the test of time and live up to rough handling. We all know you can be clumsy during garden maintenence. The syringe's body is made of high durability polycarbonate and stainless steel. This material also ensures maximum visibility when measuring liquids. The measurement markings are raised, so they won't scratch or wear off like traditional "single use" syringes.

The Nute Needle 2.0 - 14in

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