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The Nute Brewer is an air-powered pump that is built specifically to brew compost teas and mix batches of nutrients. The device will rigorously recirculate sediment and solids that sink to the bottom of your reservoir, while infusing the water with dissolved oxygen. Unlike traditional water pumps that have internal components that are prone to jamming, the Nute Brewer is powered by air from external pumps which will never clog or grind.

This model was designed to fit snuggly in any common 5 gallon bucket. Use it to brew up a batch of your favorite compost teas without the need for filter bags. Simply plug the hose into an air pump (20w is recommended) with a 1/4inch ID 3/8 OD barb, set it in the bucket and add your ingredients.

The Nute Brewer is powered by an air pump, which is NOT included in this package. Device comes with rubber hosing which can easily to attached to your choice of air pump.

Happy brewing!